service .   Our Services Oral Surgery   Orthodontics Treatment Wisdom Teeth - Oral Surgery   Wisdom teeth, those third molars at the very back of our mouths, are so named because they  generally erupt during late adolescence and early adulthood. When properly positioned they can be  a valuable asset to us. When the jaw is not large enough to accommodate these teeth, they can  cause dental care problems, such as infection, requiring wisdom tooth removal.  The bottom line is that wisdom teeth most often don't fit well in our mouths and they can cause  other teeth to move or lead to gum disease or bone problems. An oral surgeon or your dentist can  provide guidance whether you're a candidate for wisdom teeth removal (extraction).  CARE DENTAL CLINIC shop no. 42, mayur park buildig, sec-36, kamothe, navi mumbai - 410209. India    +91-22-65731899.