service .   Our Services Dental Veneers   Orthodontics Treatment Dental veneers are used to correct alignment, color and tooth shape problems. Porcelain veneers are very thin pieces of specially-shaped and colored porcelain that are bonded over the front of your teeth. Composite resin veneers are applied directly to your teeth and adjusted to the desired shape. Both procedures can be performed without anesthesia. Veneers require a minimum tooth reduction (where the thickness of the tooth is reduced about 0.5-1.5 mm.). In cases of serious tooth discoloration (very yellow or brown -colored), dentists recommend porcelain veneers or crowns as opposed to bleaching. . Dental veneers can be a solution for :-     Correct the shape of the front teeth     Closing space of the front teeth     Corredt the alignment of the front teeth Things to keep in mind It is strongly recommend that a patient avoid eating sticky foods like gum, caramels, and taffy. Avoid hard candy and definitely do not chew ice cubes! Don't bite your fingernails or chew on hard objects. Once veneers have been applied, a patient cannot reverse the treatment because a part of the tooth enamel has been removed. And, until the veneers are attached to your teeth, your teeth may be sore and look strange. More Information CARE DENTAL CLINIC shop no. 42, mayur park buildig, sec-36, kamothe, navi mumbai - 410209. India    +91-22-65731899.