service .   Our Services Dental Crown & Bridge   Orthodontics Treatment Crowns Crowns are synthetic teeth-like coverings that are designed to make your tooth stronger and improve its appearance. They are necessary when a tooth is broken down and fillings are not able to solve the problem. Sometimes called a cap, a crown covers and supports the tooth, protecting it from fracturing and concealing stained or damaged teeth. A crown can cover and support a tooth with a large filling when there isn't enough tooth left after a filling or root canal therapy. Crowns also can be used to attach a bridge, protect a weak tooth form breaking or restore a tooth that has broken. They can be placed on natural teeth or dental implants. The reasons for do crowns?   Restore after root canal treatment – To protect remaining tooth structure   Aesthetic Reasons - Badly discolored and misshapen teeth   Restorations (Fillings) Which Just Don't Stay In - Sometimes there is too little tooth remaining for a  restoration to  successfully resist dislodgment   Cracked Teeth - Teeth may have microcracks that cause sensitivity when exposed to hot and cold  temperatures, pressure, and air stimulation.  The full coverage afforded by crowns often relieves  these symptoms while reinforcing the tooth  CARE DENTAL CLINIC shop no. 42, mayur park buildig, sec-36, kamothe, navi mumbai - 410209. India    +91-22-65731899.