service After Treatment Instructions Dental Implant Surgery - Post-Operative Instructions The post-operative instructions listed below should be followed accurately in order to speed your recovery. Please avoid rinsing today. Beginning tomorrow rinse with warm salt water (one-half teaspoon salt to one cup water) every two to three hours for several days, then after meals and at bedtime for the next two weeks. If you have been prescribed Peridex rinse, use as directed on the bottle. You may begin brushing your teeth today, staying away from the surgical site for the first few days. IF A TEMPORARY TOOTH WAS PLACED ON YOUR IMPLANT TODAY, IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU DO NOT BITE ON THIS TOOTH UNTIL YOUR DOCTOR ALLOWS! FAILURE TO COMPLY MAY CAUSE FAILURE OF YOUR IMPLANT. Please do not wear your dentures or partial until your doctor gives you permission to do so. You may resume a regular diet as soon as you feel comfortable. In some cases, swelling may occur and usually reaches its peak in two to three days. Apply ice to the side of the face 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off as often as possible for the first 48 hours. Frozen vegetable bags wrapped in dishtowels work nicely as they contour to the jaw. Change to heat (a heating pad or hot water bottle) 48 hours after surgery. Continue to use heat until the swelling has receded. You may have mild discomfort following surgery.  Please:Take the prescribed medication with food as directed. Allow 45 minutes for the medication to work. Therefore, take the medication before the pain becomes too severe. Take pain killer for minor discomfort as prescribed by doctor. Occasionally, the cover screw or healing abutment may loosen or fall out. This should not affect the stability of your implant. It is important, however, to call us as soon as possible so we can replace it for you. Please bring the loosened component in with you. Our clinic typically uses stitches that are designed to dissolve and fall out on their own. Depending on the type, this may occur within the first week or within two to three weeks. Bruising may occur. This is not uncommon and should disappear soon. Keep lips moist with ChapStick or Vaseline to prevent them from cracking. NO SMOKING. Smoking is known to cause failure of implants. NO DRIVING or operating machinery for 12 hours following general anesthesia. If you have been prescribed an antibiotic and are currently taking oral contraceptives you should use an alternate method of birth control for the remainder of this cycle. If any unusual symptoms occur or if you have any questions concerning your progress, do not hesitate to call the clinic during business hours—(022)65731899—or if an emergency arises we may be reached 24 hours a day.                          <<  Back to Patient Info.                          <<  Back to After Treatment Inst. CARE DENTAL CLINIC shop no. 42, mayur park buildig, sec-36, kamothe, navi mumbai - 410209. India    +91-22-65731899.